Christine DiBiase, Director of Millenial RI

Honestly, I’m super impressed. This is an idea that you’re able hit the ground running now at this point in your life. It is something I haven’t seen on the market and you’re really identifying a real issue. Public speaking is an art form and unless you practice more, you’re just not going to develop those skills and I wish I had something like this that I was able to practice more so that I could be a little better at it. I think this is a fantastic and innovative idea.


Eliana Parada, Owner of Las Delicias Bakery

All I can say is wow. You blew me away. The technology and also having the business aspect under your belt and being very knowledgeable about everything, definitely is amazing.


John Perrotti, CEO of Power Chair Recyclers

So innovative. I always think about the game of monopoly where once all the spaces get filled up, you end up having to pay rent to be on those spaces and this is the kind of business idea that’s so new. There’s not too much opportunity nowadays to start a business and having big ideas but this is so innovative and the combination of technology and something that you’ve experienced and then you created this concept is so smart. I think everybody gets nervous when they public speak. It’s something that everyone can relate to.  You can say the speech in the shower a million times over you can say it however else but unless you really feel that moment, it’s not going to be the same, so really smart. Congratulations.